We are moving

After months of searching analyzing, you have finally found a new home. You’re all excited that the tedious process of finding the perfect home is finally over. Unfortunately, another hassle is around the corner, moving! To the person who hasn’t moved or actively been involved with moving, you may assume that the process is a fairly simple task. However as a spectator it is hard to experience the stress and anxiety that springs within you when you are actually involved with moving. There are numerous factors to consider when moving. Here are some tips to help you with the moving process:

·         Have supplies ready

One of the most important to factors is to have ample supplies ready for moving. When moving, dozens of boxes, wrapping adequate tape (in terms of stickiness, firmness and quantity) should be available at all times. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a heavy valuable together only to find yourself struggling as you are out of tape. For wrapping , you may use professional wrapping materials or simply old newspapers would do the trick too however it is highly advisable to hire a professional moving service to take care of wrapping and packaging to ensure minimal damage during the process of packing as well as during transportation.

·         Organize all belongings

This is crucial. Quite often, you may painstakingly wrap all your belongings and have them ready to be transported and then find yourself confused and beating yourself up as you didn’t have a proper labeling or organizing system. This can leave you with serious consequences when you have successfully moved and it’s time to unpack. If you choose to label your belongings too, instead of simply dumping the items in a box and writing the contents of it on the outside, follow a proper system. You should look to group similar items together, much like you organize files on a computer.

·         Sweep the house

Well, not literally. Do a full sweep to make sure all items have been accounted for. It is easy to miss certain valuable items during the hustle and bustle of moving. Additionally, moving is a great time to in fact leave certain items behind on purpose. Several belongings that are of no use collect in your home collect over the years and this would be the perfect time to reduce the unnecessary clutter.

These are three of the tips to have at the back of your mind as the process of moving gets underway. It is highly advisable to have a moving service such as GTA Moving On Up to handle your moving to ensure comprehensive and safe transfer to your new location.