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Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you offer door to door service?

Yes, we offer a door to door moving service.


What is the estimated time taken to move 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments?

The general times taken are as follows:

1 bedroom apartment: 2-4 hours

2-3 bedroom condo: 3-5 hours

2-3 bedroom house: 6-8 hours

However, please understand that these times have been calculated as estimate and are based on certain historical values. The exact time period taken in your case hence may differ and it is majorly influenced by the amount of packing completed by you, the distance, traffic, road conditions and weather. We understand that you cannot control most of these factors, but please ensure to complete packing for cost-efficient moving.


When do you start billable time?

The hourly rate will start as soon as our truck arrives at your location. The time taken between loading your items and unloading them at your destination is calculated as the total time.


Are there any breaks between moves and are those billable?

Movers are allowed to take 15 minutes of break in every 2 hours. These 15 minutes however are billable to you. After 4 hours, movers can take a lunch break of 30 minutes, which does not incur you any cost.


Is there any minimum amount of chargeable hours?

Yes, no matter, what time it takes to complete the move, you will be charged for two hours of labor. After that, as each half an hour passes by, half of your hourly rate gets added to the total cost. This billing model however is exempted for flat fee based moves like office moves.


What do you mean by travel time? Is it chargeable?

Travel time is calculated as: time taken by our trucks to reach your pick up area plus time taken by our trucks to return to our office after completion of move. This is a flat fee and travel time charge plus hourly charge makes your final payable amount.

When do I need to complete payment?

All payments should be cleared prior complete unloading of the trucks. One of our crew members will process the payment.


What modes of payment do you accept?

You can pay us by cash or any major credit card. We don’t accept company or personal checks, but exceptions are made in certain cases. To know more about payment by checks, please contact our office.


Are there any discounts?

For senior citizens, we offer 5% discount to the total chargeable amount. Occasionally, we provide special promotions as well.


What protection measure do you take for furniture?

We use special thick moving blankets for wrapping furniture. To avail these blankets, you don’t need to pay any extra fees.


Can you pack by belongings or should I do it myself?

Our professionals will assist you in packing for an extra charge if you wish (Proper communication regarding this should be made prior to the day of move). In case, you wish to pack yourself, please make sure to complete entire packing before our trucks arrive on the day of move. Otherwise, you will be charged unnecessarily when the trucks will wait for loading furniture.


Can I buy packing materials from you?

Yes, you can find each and every thing required for self-packing here at the most competitive price.


Do you provide chargeback in case of damage to any furniture?

Yes. Chargeback is decided by Basic Liability Coverage Factor which is measured at X cents per lb. Suppose, our Basic Liability Coverage Factor is 10 cents per lb. and your damaged item weighs 10 pounds, then you will be paid back: 10 poundsx10 cents/pound = $1.


Do you own trucks?

Yes, but at special occasions, we may send you rented trucks as well.


How can I reschedule my move?

As soon as you are confirmed about the rescheduling, please get in touch with us. If your rescheduling request comes within just 3 days of the originally scheduled move day, we will charge a cancellation fee.


How soon can I schedule my move dates?

Please try to contact us at least 15 days prior to your preferable moving date. Please remember that moves are completed as they are ordered on first come first serve basis.


What time will moving crews arrive at pickup location?

Our trucks start pickups between 8 AM and 9 AM. We will give you a call the day before actual move to finalize exact timings. Please remember, our trucks may get delayed due to traffic conditions and you will be intimidated about that beforehand.


Are there any extra charges for stairs in drop location?

It depends on the weight of the total inventory, the layout of stairs, the total chargeable amount etc. However, we will prefer to have an oral description of stairs before move so that prices can be set accordingly.


Do I need to be present during the pickup?

We will strongly suggest that you do. Being present, you should be able to identify which goods are staying and which are not, if any item requires special care or not. Also, your presence is highly recommended to assist in the inventory process. You need to sign the Inventory Agreement and while unloading, you need to check every items being moved.

If for unavoidable circumstances, you cannot be present, make sure to have someone who is well familiar with the household items.


I have kids, how do I prepare them for the move?

You should discuss the move openly with your kids, according to experts. You should explain your kids why the move is necessary. If possible, before the actual move, take your kids to the new location and make him acquainted with the locality. During the moving process, keep his familiar items like books, blankets, toys etc. with him.


Is it possible for you to move my piano, pets or plants?

Special skill and tools are required to move a piano. However, we possess both and hence we will move your piano without causing any damage to it. The price however depends on its size, location inside the new house & number of movers assigned. We will prefer a prior intimation about move of piano.

We cannot transport pets, but they can easily travel along with you in your car.

We don’t take any responsibility of moving plants. Please remember that there are special rules applicable to moving of plants and hence we will not be liable for loss of plants.


Can you move perishable food items?

These cannot be shipped in trucks and hence we don’t take the responsibility of moving perishable food items.