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Office Moves

 If you recently had a residential move, you must have been exhausted and think that there is not any other move that can be as tedious as this. Well, you are wrong. If you have not been involved in a corporate move yet, you won’t know how troublesome it can be. However, to make things easier for you, here are a few helpful tips. Follow these and enjoy a stress less office move:


Make a full proof plan

When you make a corporate move, it should be cost and time efficient, hence planning for it is pretty much important. To make things work:

  • You should know how your new office location will look like.
  • What are the dimensions of new office?
  • You should create a floor plan for your new office building.
  • Decide on the date when your workers will move to the new location and also decide on the exact part where equipment and furniture will be placed.

Your job does not finish after creating the map only. You need to place copies of the same at your office entrance and on every single floor. This can turn out to be tedious in case you are having multiple floors in new office building, but this definitely helps in the longer run. Planning things properly will help your workers to be more productive as much time won’t be lost while settling in the new office.


Communication is important

For a successful office move, communication with the landlords, employees and movers is definitely the most important factor. If you keep them in dark, ultimately that’s your loss. You should inform your mover about each of the furniture that is going to be placed at the new location.

You can try color based labeling of the items. Thus, at the new location, you can easily identify which pack contains what. Apart from the coloring method, you can explicitly mention what the packet contains. Make sure to write fragile outside the pack which contains items that can get broken easily. Make sure to ask your mover to take special care of those objects.



Contents of certain places like desks, shelving units, bookcases, lateral systems etc., should be removed and then separately packed. However, pull drawer filing cabinet’s contents should not be removed and they should be kept securely in their location using a lock or packing tape.



The moving process for some devices become more intricate with the development of new technology as certain devices will always require proper care. Supplier should always be notified in case you are renting any of your equipment. If you fail to do so, your rental agreement can be nullified. Moving computers to a new location will always require dismantling and disconnection services. On the other hand, for items like vending machines; you must clear all the items.


Disposal of waste material

For a proper office move, disposal of garbage is important. If you have a big company, you may even seek permission from local authorities to place some large waste containers around the office site.



Your new office space should be fully equipped with functional elevators so that your employees can have full access to any of the floors of their want. Otherwise, it can irate them and have an adverse effect on their productivity.

For a proper and successful office move, you can try us out. We will send correspondents to your office location and help you to prepare and organize for the move. If you are on a tight budget, don’t worry. Our account managers will be more than happy to talk with you and find out something that will make both the parties happy. To conclude, you can browse all over the internet, consult all your friends, but it is highly unlikely that you will find a better office mover than us. Don’t you believe? Just try and you will! Guaranteed!