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Moving Tips

If you are looking forward to move to a new home soon, you must be ready to face the stress. You don’t have to deal with the daunting task of keeping every single minute logistical detail in memory but also the anxiousness of moving to a new environment engulfs your mind always. To help you to recover from the stress, here are a few tips that you can follow and chances of mistakes that make you repent even after years can be easily avoided:


Where to start

This is the hardest part indeed! You should understand that there are things like dishes, microwave, tea kettle, cloths, cell phone charger, hair dryer, first aid kit etc. that you will require till the very last moment. Therefore, make a list of those items which should be packed right at the last moment before moving.

Keepsakes, photo albums, certain kitchen items etc., on the other hand can be packed immediately as they are not needed in your daily life. Remember, after moving, there are certain to dos that you must complete like changing your address in bank, Phone Company, post office, subscription publications etc.


Discarding unwanted items

While starting the packing, you must understand one thing: you cannot take everything with you to your new house. Therefore, it is important to clean your cupboards, closets, shelves, toy chests, garage, basement etc. and decide the items that you can discard. Us a simple formula, if you have not used an item for the last 2-3 years, it is highly unlikely that you will need it anytime sooner. However, the problem is that you cannot simply put those unwanted items into garbage box. So what’s the solution?

  • You can gift some unwanted items to your friends.
  • You can donate some things. Remember, you can get a tax receipt for donating and hence that’s savings for you.
  • You can conduct a garage sale.

Apart from the unused items, certain other things can be discarded as well based on the décor or type of your new home. Suppose, you are shifting to an electric home, then you should not take your gas stove along with you. Similarly, if your washer, refrigerator or dryer does not suit your new home’s décor, you can always leave those behind.


After confirming the date of move

  • As soon as you select the final date when you will move, you need to inform the same to gas, electric, telephone and water, newspaper, sanitation companies so that they can discontinue their services. At the same time, you need to contact those utility providers near your new home.
  • If you have kids, research a bit about renowned schools near your new home. Make all the necessary arrangements so that transfer of schools does not cause a problem later.
  • It is also important to check out with the veterinary doctor of your pet (If you have any). Make sure you take all necessary precautions so that your pet does not feel any kind of discomfort during the travel.
  • Check out how much canned foods you have in your refrigerator. Travelling with those can prove to be a tough job and hence try to finish all dry and canned foods before you leave.
  • Finally, contact your homeowner’s insurance provider, inform him about the move and prepare all papers required to renew the policy and make it applicable for your new home.
  • Health is wealth and it is important to find doctors in your new location beforehand (This though may not be possible if you are moving overseas). Ask you friends or relatives to inquire about doctors in that area.


Final checklist

If you have contacted a packing crew, they should arrive a day before moving day. Though they are professional enough, make sure to supervise the entire packing procedure. Take special care for fragile items and after packing completion, label items.

Make sure not to carry any flammable or combustible items with you when you travel, like bleach, hair sprays, oil-base paint, lighting fluids, deodorants etc.

You should keep a track of all your moving expenses. Remember, if you are a Canadian and moving further than 40 kms, you can claim an expense on your income tax.

Before leaving your old house, switch off all the lights, fans, electric heater etc. and give all the keys to the new owner. If your old house will be kept unattended, make sure to arrange security guards.

On the moving day, check the inventory list with that of movers and make sure to relocate before the movers reach your new home. After reaching your new home, make a floor plan so that movers keep packed boxes on those locations only.

After movers deliver all the items, check everything. If something is wrong, you can obviously claim a damage reimbursement. Also, make sure to put a note of “Subject to inspection for loss or concealed damage” in the inventory list, because at a later time, you may discover something being broken.


After moving to new location

You should obtain personal IDs, register your car and contact all the utility providers. Make sure to go out and get in touch with your neighbors. After a while, you will surely make new friends and the pain of leaving your old home will eventually fade away.